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Ramp Global Missions is a Christian Humanitarian Organization that believes in spreading the Godspel of Jesus Christ through serving.   Birthed out of The Ramp Church International in 2015, RGM has successfully established mission sites in India, Nepal, and Brazil.  Ramp Global Missions offers FREE English classes to Spanish speaking individuals living in Lynchburg, Virginia, along with a state of the art GED and job placement program.  We focus on three specific areas areas of serving as our way preparing the way for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


1.  Providing Basic Needs-  We provide food, shelter, clothing, medical needs, and safety housing for indiviuduals in danger.  


2.  Life Enhancing Needs-  We provide free education, training, and partner with other organizations and colleges, to ensure individuals who coe through our program learn some sort of skill that allows them to be self sufficient.  


3.  Spiritual Needs-  What good is it if we gain this entire world and lose our soul?  We make sure that we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all of our endeavors.  Sometimes we may not be able to share it with words, but we are able to display the Gospel with our actions.  


To learn more about our mission trips or about our organization  CLICK HERE.





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