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                                  CHURCH HISTORY

The Ramp Church International (RCI), initially labeled The Ramp Worship Experience, started on April 3, 2005 in Alta Vista, VA. The first service was held at the Historic Train Station of Alta Vista, VA, on Washington Street, which had been restored and made into a small banquet room. Most of the attendants were Liberty University students, Pastor Younger’s family and faithful friends.

When the Train Station was unavailable, the Ramp Church would meet at the Holiday Inn in Alta Vista or Liberty University's Prayer Chapel. After a few months, the buildings became too small to house the membership. Pastor Younger was then approached by Pastor Tracey McCutheon of the Love Church International on Road 714 in Alta Vista. He offered the use of their facility on Sunday Afternoon in exchange for The Ramp Church conducting praise and worship at his morning service. After much prayer the two churches came into covenant. RCI conducted service at the Love Church International for approximately a whole year.

On October 20, 2005 at 12:00 noon, Pastor Younger and the Ramp Church was recognized as an official local body by a group of independent bishops at an installation ceremony (among them was Bishop Lorenzo Hall, Bishop Tony Carter, Bishop Raymond Bennett and Bishop Motley G. Davis).
Eventually, a door opened for the young church to have a home of its own. RCI moved approximately five minutes south to a neighboring town called Hurt, VA. The church leased a 3,500 square ft. building that was a pool hall previously. The Ramp along with friends, such as Deacon Bill Recter and Elder Gene Gillette, worked effortlessly to make this facility a place fit for worship. With the church growing immensly in Hurt, VA, the Lord led Pastor Younger to start a location in Lynchburg, VA on the campus of the James Crossing Housing Complex. Since the conception of that ministry many souls have come to Christ and lives have been changed at both locations.
In March of 2008, Pastor Younger sought after God for a new building to utilize as a place of worship and was led to 3760 Candlers Mountain Road in Lynchburg, VA. God opened the door for the rapidly growing Ramp Church to begin the process of moving into the larger facility. On the eve of the Ramp Church's 3rd Anniversary, the church was prohibited from entering into their new facility due to rezoning issues with Lynchburg City.

The Ramp Church temporarily moved downtown to the City Market Lofts for worship, while awaiting the rezoning by Lynchburg City Council. Finally, in June of 2008, Ramp Church moved into the 3760 Candlers Mountain location. The Lord blessed and added to the church immensely during its tenure at this location. ?3760?will always hold many memories for the Ramp, among those is the election of Pastor Younger to the office of bishop in 2010.

"...We will soon possess the land..."

However, during this time of growth and elevation; when returning from One Way Church?s International Holy Convocation in 2012, the Ramp Church International parted with Euclid Christian Church in midtown Lynchburg. with a "Joint Fellowship" agreement where the two churches share the facility. This was "God ordained", the two congregations formed a beautiful and a lasting relationship. On December 4, 2014, The Ramp Church officially purchased the Euclid Christian Church facility. On March 29, 2015, an official ?Passing of the Torch?ceremony was held between the two churches. The ceremony was covered by local news and made the front page of the local newspaper.
In October 2018, the Ramp Church Church congregation officially acquired the former Thomas Roach Sanctuary and Educational Building just months before our 14th year anniversary.



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