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"Providing safe and secure shelter to unhoused citizens of Lynchburg, VA"

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About Us

The Refuge on Memorial provides a safe, dignified, and supportive environment for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Our mission is to empower our guests through comprehensive services and resources that address their immediate needs while guiding them towards greater self-sufficiency, stability, and fulfillment.

We strive to be a beacon of hope, offering not just shelter but also access to healthcare, job training, counseling, and other vital programs. Our dedicated staff and volunteers treat every guest with compassion, respect their inherent worth, and nurture their aspirations for a better future.

The Refuge is committed to fostering an inclusive community where our guests can rebuild their lives, rediscover their potential, and ultimately transition into permanent, sustainable housing solutions. We collaborate with local organizations, businesses, and government agencies to tackle the complex challenges of homelessness through innovative approaches and collective impact.


Grounded in the values of empathy, resilience, and human dignity, The Refuge on Memorial is devoted to transforming lives, one person at a time, and creating a more just and equitable society for all.

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Fundraiser Dinner

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What is The Refuge on Memorial?
The Refuge on Memorial is a 24-hour facility with an overnight emergency shelter, warming/cooling center, and day shelter/drop-in center serving men, women, and entire family units.

What is a low barrier shelter?
This means that requirements for entry are limited or minimal.  Entry will not be refused based on barriers such as sobriety, income verification, or program participation. However, guests must be willing to adhere to the shelter policies prohibiting the possession of drugs, alcohol, and weapons; they must obey the law and behave nonthreateningly.
Who will be staying at the facility?
At 50-bed capacity, it will serve various unsheltered populations including chronically homeless individuals, families, youth, and those with short-term displacement.

How will it impact public safety and crime?
Through partnerships with local law enforcement, private security companies, and surveillance, we will keep the standards of safety as a top priority. Each guest must agree to the no-weapon policy, obey the law and behave nonthreateningly.

Will it increase loitering or panhandling nearby?
To help maintain safety and community optics, loitering and panhandling on premises will not be permitted. Because of the Day Shelter and resources like charging stations and an on-site technology center,  loitering along the Memorial Avenue corridor and at the local library will be reduced.


How will the facility be funded?
By partnering with Miriam's House and the Central Virginia CoC we have access to some government funding; however, the majority of funding will come from private donors, religious and civic organizations, and local companies who believe in the mission.

Why is this facility needed?
The Shelter at RESET closes on June 30, 2024, further increasing the need for the unsheltered in our community.

How was the location selected?
The Ramp Church International offered their former church property at 2220 Memorial Avenue for this new shelter facility.

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