The Vision Of The Ramp Church International

The vision of The RAMP CHURCH International is to build a body of believers through the preaching of the gospel and evangelization. The result of fulfilling this will be:

On Octogon Shaped Cathedral


On octagon shaped cathedral that will seat thousands for the purpose of a worship experience.

A Christian School


An academy grades K-12 that will edify and equip growing children, with a staff of qualified employees that are members of the RAMP CHURCH.

Ministerial School


School of the Prophets- a School that will equip, and license ministers.

Homes for the Hurting


Several Outreach homes within the compound of the RAMP CHURCH Campus. Homes will house drug addicts, and abused men and women.

A Home for Outreach Ministries


Adjacent to the campus will be the headquarters, executive offices, and missionary base of Ramp Global Missions Inc.

Spreading The Christian Message Worldwide


A multi billion dollar media ministry including at 24 hours television and radio station.

Provision for Urgent Transportation Needs


Helicopter Pad and Runway adjacent to the campus

A Christian Owned Marketplace


Christian Shopping Center with Christian businesses owned by Church Members

And the rest...


More information will be given by way of dreams, visions, and prophecies, or however the Lord sees fit.