Welcome to the Ramp Church Online, where we are

Reaching As Many Possible

Can't meet us at 701 Thomas Road here in Lynchburg Virginia?  That's OK!  You can now join our family by becoming a member or Ramp Church Online. 

The word, the fellowship, and the Ramp Church community can meet you right where you are physically, and spiritually.  

You can expect:

1.  To be apart of an online congregation just for you.

2.  To have Bible Studies with Bishop Younger, and other Ramp Nation Leaders.

3.  To attend Foundation Classes exclusively for Ramp Church Online Members

4.  To have a local, national, and global impact by being active.

5.  Be invited to a quarterly meet up in different parts of the USA.

To join, click the button below to complete the membership application,  and our Ramp Church Online staff will direct you with next steps.  Welcome to The Ramp!