Meet Minister Brittany 

Elder Brittany Smith.jpg

Brittany Smith is an emerging prophetic voice in ministry and
leadership. She is sought ought by churches, nonprofits, and
corporations to share biblical truth, leadership principles, and
strategies that support strong and healthy family structures.
She is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical
State University in Greensboro, North Carolina, with a Bachelor of
Arts in Psychology and also a Master of Arts in Human Services -
 Health & Wellness, from Liberty University in Lynchburg,
VA.  Elder Brittany travels locally and regionally serving youth
conferences, women’s events, facilitating seminars, and engaging
diverse audiences in the Word of God and empowering them with
her personal testimony of loss and restoration.  She is a founding
member of The Ramp Church International in Lynchburg, Virginia
and continues to serve her church and leader, Bishop S.Y.
Younger, today. Over the years she has functioned in multiple
capacities holding several positions in Music Ministry; she served
as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor, a teacher of Christian
Education, and together she and her late husband, Deacon Kylon
Smith, Sr., founded The Ramp Church’s Marriage Ministry.  
Professionally, Elder Brittany Smith is the Training Supervisor for
Humankind, a nonprofit. Civically, she serves on the Martin Luther
King, Jr. Lynchburg Community Council and the Youth Services
Advisory Board. Reverently, she is an ordained Elder in One Way
Churches International and serves as co-facilitator of the
Discipleship Ministry, in her local church. Above all, she is most
proud to be the mother of two amazing children, Amerie and
Kylon Jr. and her greatest desire is to nurture and love them with
her entire being.  Her ministry mandate is to Reach as Many
Possible, just as the mission of her church. To that end, Elder

Brittany is committed to sharing her story and empowering
believers through discipleship.