Deacon Kylon Smith


Deacon Kylon has the heart of a servant.  As the chairman of the Deacon Board, he serves alongside his fellow deacons in fulfiling his God given assignments.  Deacon Kylon was involved in a car crash that took his life, but God miraculously raised him up.  He is now a graduate of North Carolina A&T University, a proud husband and father, and a walking miracle. 

Deacon Philip Woodruff


Deacon Philip Woodruff is a man of great faith.  God has given him unmatched favor in both heaven and earth.  He is the husband of Deaconess Cassondra Woodruff and the soon to be father of a miracle baby.  Deacon Philip can be found many mornings on his face before God at 5am prayer, and is known to be a mighty pillar in the Kingdom of God. 

Deaconess Cassondra Renee Woodruff


Deaconess Woodruff is an intercessor.  She has seen the manifestations of many prayers in the land of the living.  Her most recent miracle is the conception of her first born.  After being told she could bare no children, she prayed the prayer of Hannah, continued to serve faithfully as the usher board president, and honored God with her whole heart; in just a few months, baby Woodruff #2 will make an apperance!

Deaconess Shanita Jackson


Deaconess Jackson is a charter member of The Ramp Church International.  She has been one of the most faithful members in the history of RCI.  Deaconess Jackson is a woman of great faith, and has served in the position of a deaconess far before she ever received the title.  She can be found working countless hours in the church to assist in the day to day functions of the ministry.  Her faithfulness is an example of what it means to put your hand to the plow and not look back.  She is a Kingdom Builder. 

Deacon Justin Crews


Deacon Justin Crews is a man who keeps is ear to the mouth of God.  He believes in walking upright in the sight of the Lord, and teaches his beautiful son and daughter to do the same.  He is a wonderful husband to the lovely Patrice Crews, who is also a faithful servant in the ministry.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever there is a need, and his heart to serve draws many to the Lord. 

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Deacon Ted Jennings


Deacon Ted Jennings is a life changer.  God has used he and his wife to be instumental in the lives of children all over Central Virginia.  From moving them into their home, introducing them to Jesus, and continuing to be active in the ministry, he truly has the heart of a servant.  Deacon Ted has served in many facetd of the church, but above them all he has been a man of faith, and a father to many.  This ministry has been tremendously blessed because of his commitment. 

Deacon Markie GIles


Deacon Giles is a man who believes in doing things in a more excellent way.  Everything he puts his hand to do is first accomplished in prayer.  He serves on the media minsitry, men's ministry, along with mentoring many young men who lack a fatherly example in their lives.  Deacon Markie is the faithful husband to Sister Ebony Giles, and they are great assets to the ministry.  

Deacon Bruce Johnson


Deacon Bruce Johnson has been a faithful member and Minister of Music at The Ramp Church International since he was 17 years old.  He travels the world putting his gifts to use by teaching and building up other musicians in the Kingdom.  He serves faithfully on the deacon board, and is the husband to the beautiful Soraya Johnson. 

The Ramp Church international

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